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I think your web site about railway sleepers is very good and informative, I only wish I had found it earlier, I could have saved some time.
Mark Chilvers Motorcycles Ltd

Dear Sir/Madam. Firstly - Congratulations on a fantastic website about railway sleepers - the photo section is great and has been a huge source of inspiration.
Lynda Wixted, Ireland

I Thought I would drop you a quick line, I found you web site after searching for railway sleepers on MSN Search. I must say how impressed I am with it , very, very informative. with a little bit of fun , sound advise etc etc EXCELLENT !! I'll contact you when I'm in the market. All the best.

Thank you so much for your help - I will let you know how it goes! I loved your railway sleeper site by the way! Best wishes

Hello, I've been glued to your railway sleeper website all week, its great!!. Kind regards,

Your railway sleeper website is fantastic! informative, inspiring and entertaining too.
Glen MacMahon, Honda (UK) - Motorcycles

We are thrilled with the railway sleepers you delivered last Friday. The delivery driver was incredibly prompt (you said approx 10am and he arrived 10.01). He managed to unload 10 railway sleepers on his own and stacked them really neatly in our side access alleyway. As we live on a fairly busy main road I was nervous about leaving £300 of sleepers on display so my husband and I carried them round the back that evening - how heavy? We spent most of Saturday digging them in and by Sunday afternoon had completed planting the new raised beds. They whole effect is great and we have told all our friends about your website. The only snag is that my husband overestimated the number we would need and we have 2 left over! Any ideas for garden sculptures ...?
Caroline Glover

Hello, First of all, great website! I was very impressed with all the information about railway sleepers. I never knew so much could be built from them.
Mr Kalpesh Diyar

Dear Railwaysleepers.com, Just wanted to say hi, found your website about railway sleepers to have great humour and very professional to boot (think you could show many pro-designers a thing or too). Great attitude and brilliant ethos ... hope to see you soon! Regards,

Hello. First of all I have to say what a fantastic website you have and how much I enjoyed browsing it, and so easy to use also. I didn't realise that there were that many different railway sleepers available - my local timber yards had one variety of the reclaimed stuff and only two choices of the new railway sleepers (brown or green..hhmm??) so I was very glad to stumble upon your website.
Anita Mistry

I have to say I am absolutely inspired by your web site! I am really excited about tackling a few projects with your magnificent railway sleepers.