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Thanks for providing a great website - I've spent the afternoon researching my idea of using railway sleepers to make an indoor table and didn't feel like I was getting very far until I found your site.

Hi, I collected cut railway sleepers in two trips about a month or 6 weeks ago. The garden is looking better now. Thanks for the personal service and a great web site.
Craig & Clare

First may I say that your website about railway sleepers has been a pleasure to browse. It comes across extremely friendly with that 'a real person is actually behind this' feel. .............Top marks !
Charlie Packer

Hi I didn't buy my railway sleepers from you, but I did buy the timberlock screws which were fantastic and would recommend to anyone. Thanks again.
Christian Wragg

Hi there, We would like to thank you for all the help with the delivery and your wonderful web site for helping us to develop our own railway sleeper sanctuary in the middle of Stockport, many thanks
Jay & Bev Hargreaves

Hi, what a great info site about railway sleepers.Thanks.

Hi, love the railway sleeper website, particularly the photo section.
Gill Knight

I love your website. I didn't think I would find a place that would have so many different kinds of railway sleepers!
Suzanne Reid

Fantastic website about railway sleepers by the way!
Sally Ann

I am amazed at your railway sleeper web site.
Margaret Traynor

Mike Parker

Hi there Jerry, Firstly let me say what a great site you have. I have been wondering where and how to get railway sleepers for a while. It looks like you provide the total solution, chioce, cutting , delivery and all sorts of tips and hints.
Jonathan Lane

Hi Just wanted to thank you for the absolutely stunning railway sleepers projects webpage you have set up about us on your site. I was quite taken a back. Thanks again
Paul. www.alternative-space.com

Dear sir/madam, what a brilliant site about railway sleepers. Overwhelmed by the zest and appeal it gives one. I am fully inspired and will be placing my order with you very shortly when I have my full figures. Brilliant. Kind regards,
Kevin harrison

Hello there, I have just had a look at your amazing web site about railway sleepers - Wow. Your web site is really informative

Hi there... I would just like to comment on such a good and informative website you have created about railway sleepers... it is apparent that a lot of time and effort has been put-in to help your customers. I saw your advert in the local topper / recorder, referencing your site and I was only expecting a brief contact page with some product pictures. It might be a good idea to add a testimonial page / section to site... whereby including comments like mine and others for prospective customers to view. Also there isn't anyway of registering personal information so that you can communicate with customers / database... eg Newsletters etc. Just a couple of thoughts, but overall an excellent site. Well done and all the best for the future.
Dan Vout Product Marketing Manager Greenwoods Communications Ltd

I have been studying your page and the photos on the railway sleeper water features really are inspiring! Its great to see the pictures to get some ideas.Your customers pictures have given me inspiration! Many Thanks
Paul Bailey

Hello We recently took delivery of some Dutch grade 1 used square Oak railway sleepers. We bought them as edging for a new lawn. They are great. We like them so much we have decided to buy some more please, if you have them, and make a raised bed, too. And more edging.
Alison Lister PS We have Sleeper fever.

Dear Sirs, I have been looking for railway sleepers and have to say I am really impressed with all of the photos on your site.
Dean Boyce

Hello friends, Firstly, thank you very much for the last batch of wonderful Dutch square railway sleepers. And for sending such a nice driver. I can't believe we agonised for so long at first about whether two railway sleepers would be too many, and ended up buying 17 in all. For a tiny cottage garden. All we need now is the Dutch railway station to go with them! Thanks again for such a wonderful product and excellent customer service.